2016-17 Youth Concert




November 15 @ 10am and 11:30am


This year’s program, “Stormchasers,” will focus on the science behind the weather that children see each day.  A detailed curriculum, supplied to all interested teachers, will also focus on English, geography, music and reading.  Composers featured include Wagner, Beethoven, Debussy and many more, helping to create a fantastic music experience. 

Email sweiser@eriephil.org or call 455-1375 to learn more. 

You can have a direct impact on the life of one entire school by covering the ticketing fees or busing fees.  Or, you can choose to cover the entire school.  The choice is yours.

$250 covers all ticketing expenses for one school.

$500 covers their busing fees.

$750 lets you be responsible for sending an entire building to the Youth Concert!


Click below to help show your support for children of all ages from across the region. 

2016-17 Sponsors

Pictures from our 2015-16 Youth Concerts

On November 4th, 2015, the Erie Philharmonic presented our annual Youth Concerts to over four thousand children from across the region.  These programs were designed specifically for elementary aged students, and came with an educational preparatory packet, complete with worksheets, lesson plans, games, an audio CD and more.  

This year's concert was entitled "Musicalympics."  The program itself focused on the connection between sports and music, and featured athletic-themed music, special local sports guests and more!  

The Erie Philharmonic's Youth Concerts have been EITC approved - learn more about this program here.  If you are a PA based business, you contribution towards this initiative may be eligible for up to a 90% tax credit.