"Music is the best thing yet found to encourage everyone in work and play.  An orchestra that is promoted by unselfish motives to promote music of finest educational value is an asset to the community, and the Erie Philharmonic orchestra, organized for the purpose, will have the endorsement of all."

Dr. Otto Behrend - May 3, 1921; Erie Dispatch

2018-19 Youth Concerts

Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

The Erie Philharmonic presented three youth concerts over the course of two days this past November, reaching almost 6,000 students from across the tristate area! These concerts are presented at no cost to the student.

This year’s concert focused on Benjamin Britten’s legendary work “Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra”, and included additional music from Tchaikovsky, Haydn and more.

Concert comes complete with a detailed curriculum including pre and post-tests, Common Core, National and PA Arts Standards.

Concert Videos


Principal Tuba Ken Heinlein


Special Guest Charles Brown


Guest Soloist Sophia Jho


Almost 6,000 students!

2018-19 Sponsors

Wally Faas and Patty Holstein
Nadia Havard
Mark Holcomb
Deb and Doug Murphy
Kate and Brian Weber
Jim Wertz

Lisa Adams and Scott Gordon
Amy and Mark Denlinger
Barb Hutzelman
Julie Cella
Geri Cicchetti
Pam and Dave Davis