From Music Director Daniel Meyer

Byron Stripling

Byron Stripling

I’ve never been to New Orleans.  There, I said it.  I have to admit that it is a gaping hole in my personal travelogue.  A city with its own swagger, sultriness, and astonishingly deep musical heritage steeped in jazz, I just haven’t managed to make it there just yet.  But the great thing about music is that the very soul of a city can travel through its music.  The musicians, the Dixieland style, the foot stomping and the piano comping can conspire to transport us all to another time and place. 

 That’s precisely what we plan to do with the great trumpeter Byron Stripling when he comes to perform with the Erie Philharmonic.  A virtuoso of many talents, the one for which Byron is most well-known is through his ability to play the trumpet like a king.  Byron has crafted a program for us that will transport us to the golden age of New Orleans jazz, most notably the stylings and musical genius of the legendary Louis Armstrong.

 I personally look forward to this Pops concert in particular because at the end of the day, even without additional bells or whistles, it’s the music that will carry the day.  The textures, the melodies, and the rhythms of New Orleans style jazz are instantly recognizable.  When you hear that combination of piano, drums, and brass, you just know that you are going to have a good time and that your toes are going to be a-tappin’.   Jazz artists like Byron continue to perform this music because it is so essential in connecting to our musical heritage as Americans.  And we can take that trip down to the Mississippi Delta together without ever stepping onto a riverboat (though that might be a lot of fun!)

Don’t miss this wonderful music and this very American musical heritage as we welcome Byron Stripling to the Warner Theatre stage.  We plan to have a very good time together, and I am anxious to hear Byron take on a legend while he leads us though this wonderful period in jazz. 

See you at the Pops!

Daniel Meyer
Music Director, Erie Philharmonic