Jr. Phil Staff

Leanne Wistrom, Woodwind Ensemble Director

Alex Hake, Staff Liaison

Brad Amidon, Percussion Ensemble Director

Brenda Dolwick, Publicity Director

Howard Lyon, String Ensemble Director

John Szymanski, Stage Manager

Noel Burgoyne, Chair Emeritus

Gena Kuntz, Librarian 

Tom New, Vice President, Education

Carolyn Sheldon, President, Parents Organization

Marshall Fryer, Chair

Richard Elberfeld, Vice President, Parents Organization

Jonathan Moser, Artistic Director and Conductor

Robert Dolwick, Artistic Director Emeritus & Brass Ensembles Director

Julie Lewis, Jr. Phil Parent & Former Jr. Phil Musician

 Lucia Doyle, Erie Phil Board of Governors

Jennifer Jansen, Prelude & Intermezzo String Ensemble Director

Janet Preston, Business Manager



Erie Jr. Philharmonic Office
23 West 10th Street, Suite 3
Erie, PA 16501
(814) 455-1375 ext. 24 (phone)
(814) 455-1377 (fax)

Business Manager/Audition Information
Janet Preston

Parents' Organization
Carolyn Sheldon, President

Steering Commititee, Donations
Marshall Fryer, Chair


The Erie Jr. Philharmonic Orchestra relies on private and corporate donations to cover operating expenses.


Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.