• Warner Theatre (map)
  • 811 State Street
  • Erie, PA, 16501
  • United States

The Brilliance of Beethoven 

March 10 @ 8pm


Daniel Meyer conductor

Alec Chien piano

Erie Philharmonic Chorus

Allegheny College Choirs


Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 4

Bernstein Chichester Psalms

Beethoven Choral Fantasy

Beethoven 4/4.  We are now well into our four-season exploration of what makes Beethoven such a musical giant, and we look forward to a major celebration of his life and works in honor of his birthday in 2020.  Along our journey, this March performance takes us through two brilliant contributions to the piano literature: his Concerto No. 4 and the Choral Fantasy.  Beloved northwest Pennsylvania piano virtuoso Alec Chien takes the solo spotlight in both works.  The Fourth Concerto marks a significant point in Beethoven’s creative life, where the heroic nature of his style is perfectly matched with an introspective and expressive voice.  The Choral Fantasy serves as a preamble of sorts: using a full chorus, soloists, and a solo piano, this work points towards how Beethoven would amass similar forces to change the symphony forever in his ‘Ode to Joy.’  Between these two works, we celebrate the birthday of the great American composer Leonard Bernstein.  Commissioned in 1965, Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms is quintessentially Bernstein: richly melodic and striking in its catchy rhythms, all in the service of the evocative prayer-poetry of Kind David from the Book of Psalms. 

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