Lisa Vroman, the Cathedral of St. Paul Choristers and the Erie Philharmonic from September 2017

Lisa Vroman, the Cathedral of St. Paul Choristers and the Erie Philharmonic from September 2017

From Music Director Daniel Meyer

Lisa Vroman, Soprano

Lisa Vroman, Soprano

Lisa Vroman fascinates me. She’s such a special artist, and one I always look forward to collaborating with, as she is forever looking for ways to connect her stellar musical choices with audiences who appreciate a smart program.  Whenever she takes the stage, her presence commands in a way that invites you into her space.  She welcomes you and lets you know that she is going to bring her A-game, and that is due in large part to the fact that she is more than just a pretty voice.  There is a fierce intellectual and spiritual power behind everything she does.  Her energy radiates, her curiosity astounds, and her ability to put together a great show is one of the most fun aspects of working with her. 

I should back up a bit and say that she could easily rest on her laurels.  Her Broadway credentials are staggering, and her place in the annals of American Musical history is secure.  She is one if the finest vocalists and artists working on the stage today, and it’s due in large part to her enormous sense of curiosity.  Lisa knows repertoire like no other vocalist from Broadway (or any ‘way’ for that matter).  When we have arranged concerts in the past, just listening to her rattle off tunes and reference shows (especially the off-the-beaten-path shows from pre-Golden Era Broadway!) is an education in American Musical Theatre history.  She genuinely loves rediscovering a great tune, whether it’s Cole Porter, a modern composer in whom she believes, or a work by a composer who deserves more notoriety than he or she has garnered to this date. The challenge when programming with Lisa Vroman is what NOT to include in the set list! 

Lisa in  Phantom of the Opera

Lisa in Phantom of the Opera

And all of this curiosity and creativity is to say nothing of her God-given talent.  Indeed, her classical training means that she has preserved a beautifully healthy and powerful voice that can do just about anything – she is not and cannot be constrained by one genre or one style of singing.  She can chose music that best flexes her versatility, her style, her panache, her ability to totally inhabit a character, and her absolutely gorgeous singing voice.

If you can tell by now, I’m a bit of a fan.  I am honored to bring back Lisa Vroman to the Warner Theatre stage for you, and I hope you enjoy this return visit that includes some recognizable favorites with some of our more ‘modern’ masters like Stephen Sondheim and Marvin Hamlisch.  I am really looking forward to seeing you this Saturday for another Lisa Vroman masterclass in what makes our American Musical Theatre history so rich and seemingly inexhaustible.


Musically yours,


Daniel Meyer
Music Director, Erie Philharmonic