Written by Judy Emling, new member of the Board of Governors

I have appreciated and loved classical music since I was a child, but became an Erie Philharmonic attendee in the late 80's. Although I haven’t been an active volunteer, my interest in the Erie Philharmonic piqued when the current Staff arrived four years ago. 

Of course, the esteemed Daniel Meyer "moves" everyone to a higher level when he conducts. His interest in reaching out to the youth has impressed me. His choice of performances appeals to all audiences. I really enjoy the variety of composers he chooses each Season.

In April 2018, Lisa Herring approached me to ask if I would consider joining the Board. Although stunned, I felt honored. After talking with her and Steve Weiser, it was an easy decision. I became "official" June 25 at the Annual Meeting.

One of my favorite Community events is the Beat Beethoven Street Festival. I look forward to volunteering and running in the 5K. I hope my friends will join in the fun of that day.

Emanuel Ax with Julie Chacona, Gloria and Wally Knox and myself

October 6 will definitely go down as a big day in my life of musical culture; The Orchestra will perform Rachmaninoff’s Concerto #2, my absolute favorite piece.

It is difficult to identify a favorite concert during the past three years. However, Lisa Vroman and Emanual Ax would be hard to top. 

My memories of The Warner date back to the late 1940's when we attended movies. I loved the opulence and elegance of the Theater, even at a young age. And it was so huge! My memories are multiple and heartwarming, extending throughout my life. I plan to continue building memories during the next three years while serving on the Board.