From Brigit Stack, Marketing Assistant


Almost a year ago to the day, I had applied to the Erie Philharmonic’s open position for a Marketing Assistant. I remember clearly how excited I was that this job would come about at all, let alone right after I had graduated from college. I’ve been a musician for over half my life now, and it wasn’t until this past year that I entertained the possibility of working for an orchestra.

I joined the staff in the summer, so I was able to learn a lot before we started our busy concert season that fall. The excitement built up as we finally approached our opening night concert with Lisa Vroman. I’ll never forget getting my first official tour of the Warner Theatre and sitting in the audience before the Erie Philharmonic. It finally sunk in that I was working for an orchestra and I would get to support and work with music every day. I met musicians that had taught my friends growing up, not knowing this orchestra had unknowingly been a part of my life long before I moved here. The feeling of sitting back in an empty auditorium and hearing your favorite pieces of classical music played by such talented musicians is unparalleled. In fact, the only feeling better than working at this job is sitting in an orchestra and playing the music yourself. I don’t think I could have asked for a better career as someone who loves music, and working with this staff and doing so many different tasks is exactly what I needed. I hope that everyone in the orchestra world gets the chance to work with such a tight-knit staff and changing organization.

The events that truly made me realize I was in the right place were our youth concerts last fall, which we held for over 6,000 Erie schoolchildren over two days. While the days were hectic, all I could think about was my sixth grade trip to the Cleveland Orchestra and how formative and inspiring it was to me as a young musician. I believe I had only been playing flute for a year or two when we went, and I told my mom right away that I wanted to play in the orchestra. While my path has changed slightly, I know that without that experience I would not have arrived at this job so soon in my post-grad career. The work our orchestra does in the community means so much to me, especially as someone who truly benefited from just one field trip. I hope that we can continue to provide as many services as we do for these children, maybe even more. The importance of these kids attending a free concert is only compounded by the fact that music education is so scarce in Erie and some kids don’t have the means to attend a paid concert. 

After helping 6,000 students in and out of the Warner Theatre!

After helping 6,000 students in and out of the Warner Theatre!

Being this close to the music, I know that I want to put my energy and passion into this job, hoping to spark the same feelings in someone like myself. So many of us on the staff come from musical backgrounds, and it’s so fascinating to see how our passion for music shapes the work we do and the dedication the six of us have to this orchestra. I’m eager to begin my second year with the Erie Philharmonic and see where it takes us and the Erie community.