From Vee Butler, Donor Relations Manager

Headshot_Butler, Vee.jpg

Wow. Since starting here in late January, I have enjoyed every moment of working with the Philharmonic. The only word to describe the experience is ‘wow’. I began right before the Scheherazade concert with soloist, Sharon Isbin. Being involved in the week preparations was exciting, but only met by the outstanding performance on Saturday night. After my first week, I was blown away by the coordination and commitment the staff has to each and every event. 


Fast forward to another incredible time well spent, Mac N Cheese 3. When I first heard about this event, I was utterly confused on how an orchestral non-profit was to pull off a mac n cheese tasting competition. On Sunday, March 4th, I saw how it all made sense. To have almost a thousand people coming through the doors to support the Erie Philharmonic while tasting fantastic bites from local restaurants was truly moving. I immediately understood why this event was so important for us and the community. Definitely an event I will be looking forward to next year! (Save the date--March 31st, 2019!)

Moving through more concerts, a gala, and closing the season; another event that ensured my connection to the Erie Phil was working with the YMCA on Healthy Kids Day. The administrative staff spent the afternoon welcoming kids to play cardio drumming and with boom whackers. I never knew what either of these activities were, but after that day, I would self-identify as a professional cardio drumming connoisseur. Absolutely joking, I cannot keep any rhythm! But the beautiful thing about spending this time together, was that I truly felt the connection with the children that came to play. I had such an unforgettable time meeting new people—parents and kids alike. The smiles of the kids will be engraved in my memory moving forward with continued Erie Phil outreach events. 

While continuously working throughout the week with subscribers, donors, musicians, and more, I knew I found the place I wanted to be working. The staff is consistently trying to challenge themselves to create better experiences for the Erie community, a value I hold close to my heart. I have thrived on every moment I have had with the Erie Philharmonic so far and cannot wait to explore new challenges and adventures in future seasons!