Written by Music Director Daniel Meyer

Cartoons!  So fun, so frivolous, so madcap and wacky.  I loved watching them as a kid.  The scenarios were entirely improbable – better yet impossible, and always crazy.  The energy from these animated shorts buzzed off the television screen, through my eyes, and into my brain.    Yet now as an adult, I am baffled by the hours of intense, creative, and detailed work that must have gone into making each of these mini-operas.  I assumed that when it came to music, the creators simply tacked their visuals on top of an existing snippet of classical music.  Only now do I realize that although many of the classic LOONEY TUNES did indeed make use of orchestral and operatic scores, these shorts are carefully-crafted into arrangements, designed to perfectly support the action on the screen. Traditional instruments may have even been swapped for unlikely substitutes, like a xylophone and tuba added to Beethoven’s Fifth(!) in a brilliant Pink Panther cartoon my son now loves to watch.

Actual concert footage!

Suffice it to say, these cartoons (as enjoyable as they were to watch as a kid) are even more fascinating to me now for the intensity of craft that went into shaping each crash, each disaster, and each knockout.  Conductor George Daugherty has helped to bring these mini-masterpieces back to life, assembling and re-coding each orchestral moment as it was originally intended to fit with the action.  You will have the chance to watch these moments leap up onto a big screen, positioned above our Warner Theatre stage, while the musicians of the Erie Philharmonic perform the musical scores live.  In perfect synchronization with the original films, the Philharmonic will play the brilliantly-crafted arrangements with passion and expertise that only a live orchestra can provide.  I do hope you will join us on what should prove to be a brilliant concert experience designed for children of all ages to love. 

That’s all folks!



Daniel Meyer
Music Director, Erie Philharmonic