Lisa Vroman will be performing A Night on Broadway on September 23

Lisa Vroman in her iconic role from the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

Lisa Vroman in her iconic role from the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

We'll start with the obvious elephant in the room – what was it like having such an iconic role in Phantom for so many years?

I am still thankful I had the job for such a long time, it bought me a house, and I have developed handyman skills! I missed Michael Crawford!!

I still have quite a Phantom family, as well as close friends from the years with Les Mis!  Someone said once that this career is a series of heartbreaking goodbyes and joyous reunions! It is quite a big group!  The best thing is that each engagement still brings new friends into your life.

Not to mention how proud of me my family was for all of those 10 years! 

With my Kindergarten class...guess which one is me?  (think ANGRY!)

How and when did you get your start in music?  Was this always your career path?

My Mom was my Jr./ Sr. High Music Teacher in Upstate, NY (just south of Watertown) and believe me, we had no choice but to be in the chorus!!  I went to undergrad school for Music Education (Crane School of Music @ SUNY Potsdam), then to grad school for an MFA in voice performance Carnegie Mellon University)   I am a crossover singer, which has meant having a very atypical career path!  I am so lucky to have had so many varied musical experiences with wonderful comrades.


What is your earliest musical memory?

Standing next to my Dad @ 3 yrs. (too young to be in the church choir) as he sang the bass part of every Hymn with an amazing full voice!  He was an Undertaker and a huge music lover!


Between all of your performances, which stands out as your favorite moment?

Singing a medley from Mary Poppins with Dick Van Dyke at the Hollywood Bowl!  And of course he and & I did the dance break in 'Jolly Holiday'   


Which was more memorable, or intimidating, as a performer?  Working alongside actor Paul Sorvino or singing for President Bill Clinton?

One was a one time fundraiser, the other three months of rehearsing then making my New York City Opera debut in 'The Most Happy Fella!' Both were memorable for different reasons.  Paul is a great actor and made me laugh every day.


Tell us about Barber, your dog. 

I drove the country from CA to NY 7 times with my first dog, Romeo.  He was almost 15!

My husband and I knew we so wanted another dog in our lives, so looked for a rescue.  Barber is 3 yrs (and 70 lbs!) as of Sept 12th.

What is your favorite movie?

I don't have a favorite....but I do love the Movie Musicals!  


How did you go about selecting the music that you’ll be singing with the orchestra on September 23?

Knowing we had the Children's Chorus available was the key and set the theme.  I had done a similar program two seasons ago with the fantastic Daniel Meyer conducting, so we found a program for Erie that we are excited about!


How did you first come to work with Music Director Daniel Meyer?

He was a guest conductor Southwest Florida Symphony, and this season he joined me with the Detroit Symphony.