From Music Director Daniel Meyer

When I step onto the Warner Theater stage, I sometimes think of a wonderful photograph from the 1940’s, taken in the Warner from the vantage point of the stage looking back out onto the house.  It’s a packed house of patrons awaiting a night of first-run films.  Everyone is dressed to the nines – the men in hats and the ladies in dresses, and I think of what it must have felt like to enter into this opulent space, have the lights dim, and settle in for an evening of cinema.  

We’re bringing that sensation back this Saturday, February 7, with a full-length screening of Casablanca.  But this time it’s with a twist.  The Erie Philharmonic, under the baton of my good friend James Fellenbaum, will be performing the full orchestral soundtrack live, while the film is projected in high definition on a huge screen suspended above the stage.  

You simply cannot experience this iconic film anywhere else, quite like this.  While I wish I could be there with you on this special night, know that I will be imagining you as you settle into your seat, following a grand tradition of Erie moviegoers who enjoy classics on the big screen, but in the Erie Philharmonic’s own unique presentation.