Seated: Jenna Lindberg, Christine Carmichael, Susan Lechner, Kate Neubert-Lechner, Shawn Clerkin, Bob Martin, Kristen Henry.
Standing: Gretchen Kerr, Nicole Rosenbayger, Kate Amatuzzo, Patrick Thiem, P. Barry McAndrew, Rich Tryzbiak, Scott Schillinger, Roger Wolbert, Brendan Daugherty, Kristin Fry, Michael Hipwell, Diane Martone, Art Martone.

From Bob Martin

My Fair Lady at the local summer performing group, Mill Players, was the first theatre work I ever saw when I was about 11 years old, and it is what inspired me to take up performing. A few years later I played a very young Colonel Pickering with the Mill Players. A few years ago I played a slightly old Freddy Einsford-Hill in the Erie Playhouse production that starred Hugh Keelan and Laurie Green! It's exciting to be part of the ensemble in the concert version of such a classic of the stage. I was surprised and proud to read in the Erie Times last Sunday, that Shawn and I are the only two performers to have appeared in all four collaborations of the Erie Playhouse and the Erie Philharmonic. I hope there are more to follow.