Seated: Jenna Lindberg, Christine Carmichael, Susan Lechner, Kate Neubert-Lechner, Shawn Clerkin, Bob Martin, Kristen Henry.
Standing: Gretchen Kerr, Nicole Rosenbayger, Kate Amatuzzo, Patrick Thiem, P. Barry McAndrew, Rich Tryzbiak, Scott Schillinger, Roger Wolbert, Brendan Daugherty, Kristin Fry, Michael Hipwell, Diane Martone, Art Martone.

By Gretchen Kerr

I could bet that anyone who is drawn to the stage has a story, a place, a memory where it all began. Mine is from 2nd grade. I was asked to play Pocahontas in our classroom play. I spent hours imagining what it would have been like to be her. I acted out the scenes in my room, dreamt about her and truly believed I could recapture the love and sacrifice she had to save John Smith. The time came for our presentation of the story and I could not have been more committed. I heard the clapping and that was it.

Ever since, my passion has been to tell the story whether through song or the spoken word, in big roles or in the chorus, for strangers and loved ones alike.

I once again am so humbled and thrilled to be a part of an Erie Playhouse production and now with the great Erie Philharmonic. Wow! Here's to the stories, here's to little girls dreaming and here's to My Fair Lady!