From Music Director Daniel Meyer

My Fair Lady.  It’s one of the most perfect Broadway musicals ever created.  The story, impeccable.  How can you go wrong with basing a musical on a play by George Bernard Shaw?  The music is unforgettable.  From ‘I’m Getting Married in the Morning,’ to ‘Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?’ to ‘On the Street Where you Live,’ the tunes spun by the iconic team of Lerner and Loewe are second-to-none and indelibly inscribed upon America’s musical theater landscape.
We have assembled a rich and deeply talented team from the Erie Playhouse to perform on Saturday.  While I wish the idea of mounting a concert performance of My Fair Lady with the Erie Playhouse were solely mine, I’m nonetheless thrilled to be conducting this performance.  We wanted to come up with a way to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Erie Playhouse and all that it has meant to our community over the years.  To partner with the Erie Philharmonic and make it a co-production, well, that seemed to good an idea to pass up.  It wasn’t hard to settle on My Fair Lady.  Almi Clerkin and I adore the piece, and consider it not only one of the most wonderful collections of musical numbers, but a very taught, enjoyable story line with which just about everyone can resonate at some level.

We are performing nearly the complete original score, maintaining all of the beloved numbers and sophisticated, cheeky dialogue, using costumes, in a semi-staged format.  This will allow us to see and hear the Erie Philharmonic musicians in full sonic splendor on the stage, and take advantage of the amazing vocal and acting talent that the Erie Playhouse continues to field year after year.  So in many ways, I hope that as much as this performance is a capstone to our 15-16 season at the Warner Theatre, I hope it is also a launch pad from which the Erie Philharmonic and Erie Playhouse will continue to present the most iconic American musical theater pieces in a format that focuses on how wonderful this music really is.  Thank you for all of your support this season and I hope you are looking forward to Saturday and the 16-17 season with the Erie Philharmonic as much as I am!

Seated: Jenna Lindberg, Christine Carmichael, Susan Lechner, Kate Neubert-Lechner, Shawn Clerkin, Bob Martin, Kristen Henry.
Standing: Gretchen Kerr, Nicole Rosenbayger, Kate Amatuzzo, Patrick Thiem, P. Barry McAndrew, Rich Tryzbiak, Scott Schillinger, Roger Wolbert, Brendan Daugherty, Kristin Fry, Michael Hipwell, Diane Martone, Art Martone.