Seated: Jenna Lindberg, Christine Carmichael, Susan Lechner, Kate Neubert-Lechner, Shawn Clerkin, Bob Martin, Kristen Henry.
Standing: Gretchen Kerr, Nicole Rosenbayger, Kate Amatuzzo, Patrick Thiem, P. Barry McAndrew, Rich Tryzbiak, Scott Schillinger, Roger Wolbert, Brendan Daugherty, Kristin Fry, Michael Hipwell, Diane Martone, Art Martone.

From Nicole Rosenbayger

For as long as I can remember, my life has centered around the arts. I knew all of my ballet positions before I could ride a bike, I learned my lines for my first play faster than I learned how to tie my shoes, I read music better than I read my story books, and I never stopped singing, no matter how out of tune I was. I've dedicated twenty years of my life to the study of dance, music, theater and art. In pursuit of that study, I've earned a degree, a community and a purpose. And now I run my own theater.


My Fair Lady is a combination of all of these passions that every person involved in this production has studied. Of course it's music, both instrumental and vocal, it's dancing, it's acting, it's costuming, it's prop designing. But it's also team building, marketing, public relations, networking, and collaboration. My Fair Lady is an example of multiple skills and forms of art coming together to create something amazing. And I am honored to be a part of it.