From guest soloist Kate Neubert Lechner

I’ve always found that music has been the cornerstone in my life, so it’s no surprise that I connect much of the Holiday season to music.  Some of my fondest memories from my childhood and beyond all have a soundtrack.  Nat King Cole’s Christmas albums underscore decorating tree and most of the holiday season when I was a kid.  I know my mom didn’t really have Nat on repeat all December, but his recordings are just immediately evoke the holidays for me. 

Christmas morning is Arthur Fieldler and the Boston Pops “A Christmas Festival”, with that fantastic brass pealing “Joy to the World.”  And, one of the most special memories, Christmas Eve is Silent Night, sung sitting next to my grandmother during the candlelit service with the room being lit only by candles.  I can still remember exactly what she looked like and the warmth, love, and peace that radiated.  

I am so honored and happy to be able to kick off the Holiday season with the Erie Philharmonic and add a few new musical memories to my holiday vault and hope that audiences will be able to take some special memories away with them as well.