Thank you notes from students at Waterford Elementary School

With the chaos of our office move being in full force, these thank you notes, that seem to arrive daily, offer us all the perfect respite from packing, purging, and enormous piles of boxes.  If only you could see the staff here during mail time - definitely something not to be missed!

Already looking forward to what comes in the mail today...


Steve Weiser, Executive Director

Dear Members of the Orchestra,

Thank you for the wonderful performance of the Music Olympics.  We appreciated the special performance from the string, woodwind, percussion and brass family.  I especially loved the design of the Warner Theatre.  Thank you for the wonderful performance on Wednesday, November 4th, 2015.



Dear Members of the Erie Philharmonic,

Thank you for letting us come to your performance.  Your concert was wonderful.  I loved the "Music Olympics."  Who knew that playing music was like playing sports?  I loved how good you played.  I hope I can come to the next "Music Olympics" at the Warner Theatre.



Dear Members of the Orchestra,

The Orchestra was awesome.  I have never heard anything so beautiful in my life.  I appreciate you taking off your time so we can watch the orchestra play.  The Orchestra was wonderful.  Thank you!!