Help us compose the future

Music Director Daniel Meyer

You step into the historic Warner Theatre.  You see the array of plush orange seats, the golden glow from the chandeliers, the musicians of the Philharmonic taking the stage in concert black, testing their instruments and warming up.  The lights dim, the crowd comes to a hush, and you hear the musicians of the Philharmonic tune to a unison ‘A’, and the house lights fall dim.  

Thank you for being such an important part of this magical experience.  Please consider making the Philharmonic part of your legacy giving during our Endowment 2020 Campaign to insure that generations of Erie families will continue to enjoy the great musicians and great music-making for generations to come.  Those amazing Saturday nights at the Warner Theatre will continue to inspire audiences and enrich people’s lives in ways yet to be told - your gift helps us compose the future. 

In honor of Beethoven’s 250th Birthday in 2020, the Philharmonic launched a four-year festival in 2016 with the idea that everyone in Erie should have the opportunity to hear the works of Beethoven live at least once in their lifetimes.  To celebrate this 250th birthday, we are looking for 250 new estate pledges by the end of our festival in June 2020.

Our goals, by the end of our 2019-2020 Season:

  • An endowment of at least $10 million (current $6.1 million with pledges)

  • At least 250 new estate pledges, in honor of the conclusion of our Beethoven 4/4 Festival

Why the Philharmonic?


We have chosen to remember the Philharmonic in our estate plans because the orchestra has given us countless moments of joy and inspiration and others that were so moving they gave us goosebumps and, at times, tears.

Wally Faas & Patty Holstein

The orchestra has given me countless hours of enjoyment, and I want to help make sure future Erie generations will have the same musical experiences.  For this reason, I have made a provision in my will for a donation to the Philharmonic.

- Noel Burgoyne

Legacy Society (as of November 1, 2018)

Emily and Charlie Ingram
Chuck Jarecki
Sandra Jarecki
Julie and John Knox
Gloria and Wally Knox
Linkty Luther
Scott Miller
Deb and Doug Murphy
Melany Myers
Maura and Carl Pelinsky
Bobbi Pollock
Peggy and Al Richardson
Lois and Nels Sandberg
Norm Stark
Margaret Stolley
Janice Underhill
Cheryl and Tom Vicary
Lorraine and Hillert Vitt
Linda Wilkinson

Lisa Adams and Scott Gordon
Susan and Don Baxter
Jean Bloom
Joan and Boyd Bert
Diana and John Brautigam
Noel Burgoyne
Julie Cella
Geri Cicchetti
Julie Chacona
Pete Clemens
Andy Connor
Pam and Dave Davis
Judy Emling
Bonnie and John Enders
Wally Faas and Patty Holstein
Richard Flynn
Amy and David Fugate
Mili and Tom Hanes
Robb Hoff

 Instrumental petting zoos at the Blues and Jazz Fest

Instrumental petting zoos at the Blues and Jazz Fest

Why an Endowment?

Because an endowment, held in perpetuity and invested and managed conservatively, augments the annual ticket sales, charitable contributions and corporate sponsorships that fuel our budget.  

Without endowment, ticket prices would climb beyond the means of most concertgoers.  It is an unchallenged truth that only a properly sized endowment stabilizes a good symphony.

Your gift today puts the orchestra one step closer to permanent fiscal stability.

We want your name or your family name honored.  We look forward to speaking with you about the endowment gift you want to make, so that the orchestra plays for all seasons.

Anonymity is always an option. Individual naming opportunities will recognize significant gifts.

 Cardio drumming with the Philharmonic at Healthy Kids Day!

Cardio drumming with the Philharmonic at Healthy Kids Day!

Endow your annual gift

Make a plan so that the programs and goals most important to you continue thriving after your lifetime.  Your current Annual Fund gift serves as our lifeblood each season, ensuring that we can continue all of our various activities from sold-out concerts to piano donations, and everything in between.

The first number represents your potential current Annual Fund gift - the second number is the amount needed to endow your gift forever.*       

$250 : $6,250

$500 : $12,500

$1,500 : $37,500

$5,000 : $125,000

$15,000 : $375,000


Imagine that.  Your estate pledge of $37,500 towards our Endowment 2020 Campaign ensures that the orchestra would receive your gift of $1,500 a year in perpuitity.  That's composing the future!

* At a 4 percent endowment spending level, 25 times an annual gift amount equals a perpetual gift

Your Support Matters

Youth Concerts for over 6,000 students


Your gift may entitle you to the following tax benefits:*

  • Federal estate tax exemption

  • Immediate income tax deduction

  • Elimination of capital gains taxes

  • Variable income for life

Crescendo Society

Additionally, those who include the Philharmonic in their estate plans (minimum gift $10,000) will become members of the Crescendo Society and will receive the following benefits:

  • Invitation to annual thank you dinner with Maestro Daniel Meyer and fellow Crescendo Society members

  • Usage of Encore Parking Lot and Encore Lounge for all concerts at the Warner Theatre

  • Name listed as member of Crescendo Society on website and in program book

* For legal or tax advice, please consult an attorney and/or CPA